Ti.ApplePay: Apple Pay with Titanium Mobile

$ 99.00

Product Description

This module provides access to the native iOS Apple Pay PassKit Framework. Using this module, you can easily accept Apple Pay with using Titanium Mobile.

The payment gateway is Stripe, which is recommended by Apple to process payments to your backends easily.


  • Payment buttons
  • Payment request
  • Payment dialog
  • Payment backend gateway using Stripe
  • Full compatibility with Titanium Mobile 5.1.0.GA and later


  • Titanium Mobile SDK 5.1.0.GA (or later)
  • iOS 9 or later


We provide a detailed example app named Ti.Shopping to demonstrate the different features being available. Included is also a documented example which can be dropped into existing projects. Check it out!


You purchase a single-seat license to be used in private and commercial projects. The purchase includes software updates for 1 year and basic installation support. If you have further licensing questions, feel free to contact me!


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